Crane Kits

A complete crane kits 

Crane Kits

Schlep offers pre-engineered complete crane kits, utilizing cutting edge technology including the innovative electric wire rope hoist / chain hoist from Carlstahl Craftsman.

Designed for ease of crane assembly anywhere in the world, Carlstahl Craftsman’s Crane Kits include everything needed to build a complete crane except the structural steel shapes of the Main Girder(s) & End Carriages.

Carlstahl Craftsman fully assemble, wire and test the crane kits before delivery to ensure the highest quality. Our crane kits create a new opportunity for crane manufacturers and users around the globe to complete orders efficiently and cost-effectively. With great attention to detail, Carlstahl Craftsman has developed a kit range to suit almost every conceivable crane application.

wheel block with geared motor

Crane Kits


Standard Components included in our crane kits includes

Wire Rope Hoist and/or Electric Chain Hoist with Motorised Trolley

Wheels Blocks Set (2 Nos. Drive Wheel + 2 Nos. Driven Wheels) with geared motors suitable for

  • Long Travel Drive
  • Cross Travel Drive

Electric Panel with VVVF Drives

All Fixing Accessories except Electric Cables

Handheld type Push Button Control Pendant

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